Can I Earn Enough Money From Selling Digital Products?

If you think you cannot handle inventory, packaging and shipping, try selling digital product instead. You can certainly earn enough money from it. There are a few advantages selling digital (also known as electronic) product.

(1) You can produce the product in much lower cost and can be reproduced easily. All you need is a PC or laptop and your time. You can earn 100% profit from this.

(2) It is hassle-free. You do not need to handle packaging and delivery. You do not need large space for inventory. Your hard drive space is your warehouse.

(3) Since it is digital, customer can instantly download the product after payment. It is clean and faster way of doing business.

(4) You can offer better price because you do not incur any packaging or freight charges.

(5) You can build fully automated online business. Once customer payment is verified, they can download their digital product. They can view it through the PC or print it themselves. There will be minimum involvement from you.

What Type Of Digital Product?

Digital products can be information product, application software, e-books, video and audio. The most popular is e-book. It can be produce easily, re-produce and sell as many copies as you like. Modification in the e-book can be made faster and simpler. Common format is in PDF (by Be creative to attract more customers. For example, make your e-book more interactive. Readers will find it very exiting and they just cannot wait to finish the whole book.

Can I Earn Enough Money?

The price of digital product varies. It also depends on the content offered. Write useful and content rich e-book can be time consuming but worth it compare to the profit that you are going to earn. Say you have 100 visitors and 2 of them buy your product that is sold for $40. That is 2% conversion. The higher conversion the more you can earn. You can basically earn $ 2,400 in a month. If you can offer more different products with same conversion rate, you can make 5 figure profits. You just need a little bit of time in beginning. After that you just re-produce the product and sell at the same price.

I Do Not Know How To Write.

You do not have to be the best author to start writing your e-book. Find solution to other people’s problem. That is also the reason people surf the internet looking for answers or solution to their problems. When you have the idea but do not know how to write, hire someone to write for you. Get whole bunch of freelancer (example and you can provide the keywords they need to provide in the content and the title. It might cost you few hundred dollars for an e-book. Same goes to application software. You do not have to know programming. Hire expert to do for you. The key is you have the IDEA.

Now you know some ways to earn enough money from selling digital product. You understand how digital product benefits you in many ways. You can DIY (do-it-yourself) e-book that is common digital product in the market. You also learn how to get help to complete your digital product. So go out there and have fun.