Digital Download Protection – Can You Protect Digital Products

Today, you find yourself in the world of Internet Marketing
with the perfect niche and digital product to sell. You
have everything ready to go to make your first sale when
you do a Google search and find that your “Thank You” page
has been indexed for the world to access.

Well digital download protection can start by taking a few
simple steps! Steps that can help protect your digital
products from getting hacked or found by a web search. Now
following these steps does not guarantee that some hacker
somewhere will not find your digital product, but it may
stop the “Average Joe” from stumbling upon them.

So how do you protect your digital downloads?

Digital download protection starts with taking a few basic
security steps that take minutes to do without the use of
any special software or programming knowledge.

1) Start by zipping your downloadable products and giving
the file a long file name.

2) Add an index.html page to the folder in which you keep
your products. This way you can keep most people from
looking in the file and seeing everything that is kept

3) The next step in digital download protection is to take
the above example one step further by adding a redirect
script to your index page. The easiest way to do this is by
adding a Meta refresh tag.

META HTTP_EQUIV=”refresh”content=”0;URL=’

Or this php script:

header(“Location: []”);

Just place around each tag above then replace (
with your own domain name and place between the header tags on your index.html page.

4) A more time consuming way of digital download protection
is to change your download links more often. This step
limits the chance that your link will be listed on some
forum, message board or shared with friends.

5) Now preventing search engine spiders from reading and
indexing your download pages is another story. Use the
following Meta tag to prevent the link on your “Thank You”
page from being indexed:

META name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow”.

Place it on your thank you page between the header tags.

6) The last means of digital download protection is by
using a robots.txt file. Although it may stop your files or
folders from being indexed by search engines, it will not
protect them from thieves and hackers.

Your robots.txt is easily readable, just by typing (that is, if you are using one)
into the browser address bar and file names that you are
trying to protect are now viewable. So use great caution
when using a robots.txt or take it one step further by
using dedicated software to secure your “Thank You” page.