Digital Product Creation: Where to Start?

Digital products are easy to create, once you know what you’re doing. And it’s the last part of that sentence that seems to stop most people from creating their own product. Once we’ve “grown up” we seem to think that we should be able to learn things almost instantly. But that’s not really the case and often the things we want to learn are more complicated than many of the things we learned when we were younger. Including creating a digital product.

Start small

Starting small is the most sensible place to start.

But so often we get grand ideas about creating a blockbuster product the first time we want to make one. You know: the encyclopedia on the subject. Hundreds of pages long or tens of hours of videos. Or even both.

And, truth be told, even the digital product creation experts often find that daunting. The closest I’ve got to date is a compendium product that’s soon to be launched but that will be made up from about a dozen short-ish projects, each of which were relatively easy to make.

I’d still balk at the idea of making the large product from scratch.

So start with a small product – maybe one that you give away when people sign up to your list, so it could be as short as 8 – 10 pages of writing (including a cover, copyright page and resource page) or 10 to 20 minutes of audio or video.

Keep it simple

This goes hand in hand with starting small.

Generally, simpler things are easier to explain and quicker to explain as well.

If that’s not the case with the first subject that springs to mind, go to plan B. Because sometimes simpler is actually more difficult to explain, which you’ll know if you’ve said to someone “Oh, that’s easy” and then spent a couple of hours showing them how to do it.

But oftentimes your first instincts are correct.

Don’t worry that it’s available elsewhere

Apart from a few national secrets, almost everything is available on the internet.


But it can take time to hunt down.

Which means that often you’re saving people a lot of time they would otherwise have to spend trawling through the results on Google, refining their search so they get better results and generally surfing the web rather than finding the ten minute answer you can provide.

Saving time – even for the simplest things – is a big priority for a lot of people.

And a lot of people know less about your subject than you do, so they’ll be happy that you saved them an hour of their life that they’d never get back.

Whether you charge them money or just swap the information for their email address or however else you choose ot deliver your digital product.

Just do it!

Starting small has another advantage: you’re more likely to do it than start it and then leave it lurking on your hard drive until you delete it forever when you change your computer in a few years time.

You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve actually created a digital product and that other people are finding it useful, which will drive you on to create more products and help more people.