eBay and New Regulation on Digital Products

This article will talk about the new regulation of eBay about the ban of all digital products sold there. We will also lay out the possible alternatives to the ones who are currently selling digital items on eBay. Also, we will discuss what will be the impact to the whole internet community and should we do anything about it.

As many of us have known that in the middle of March 2008, eBay announced that it will no longer allow digital items to be sold on its site. The items include all the digital or electronic books, templates, software, websites, scripts or anything that can be delivered digitally. The reasons given from the site are that many people use digital products to manipulate their feedback scores. Such an act makes it difficult to manage their feedback evaluation. eBay therefore decided to stop digital items to be sold on the site starting at the end of March 2008.

This was a very bad news to many people who promote and sell digital products. Some use such products to build up their mailing list. Others use this channel to sell the whole package of e-books and earn good income out of it. There were discussions among the people who involve in the matters. They discussed about the possible alternatives including:

1. Stop working with eBay. Use other internet marketing method.

2. Change to sell to other types of products which has low delivery cost. Stop selling digital items.

3. Sell them without digitally delivery. This means they will have to transfer them to physical form for example in CD or DVD.

4. Go to other auction sites.

5. Boycott eBay and launch a campaign to get the such products back.

Although a lot of people are in trouble because of this policy. Many have a very positive view on this action. They are the people who sell software and e-Books outside eBay. Let’s face it. eBay had a lot of illegal digital products on it and they dare not do anything about them for a long time. The availability of cheap digital products on the site gave a lot of headache to the original and legitimate owners of the same products. This action gives them a relief and be more confident to research and launch more digital products onto the market.

In addition, we may have a chance to launch the digital products in the future and we don’t have to be worry that our products will be sold cheaply on eBay without our consent.

eBay new policy made a turmoil to the industry. It however has some good points. This article shows you the possible alternatives how to deal with it and other angle of the strategy and impact to the industry.