How to Create Your Own Digital Product and Why

Why waste your time creating physical products when you better off generating digital products? Take the richest man in the world as an example, Bill Gates. How did he he became so freaking rich? Yes I think we all know he started his business at an early stage by selling cokes. Well that was a very long time ago before he discovered Microsoft, the software that I think 93% of the world’s population now are using for their own pc. Note that Microsoft’s products are actually digital products!He built his company throughout the years, step by step, with sweat and tears and finally was devoted as the richest man in the world (he’s still now right?). All he did was, selling digital products. Highlight that!

Well I’m not here to rewrite his biography again as you can actually check it at Wikipedia. I’m here to tell you why is it so advisable for you to generate digital products rather than physical products and teach you how to create one.

Firstly, we have to find a very ‘wantable’ market niche. Which means a niche that everyone has been trying to search for from the internet but they can’t find any. You can do this offline or online but it is very much easier for you to start by doing it offline first.

Second. we know that digital products are mainly categorized to three types which are written, audio and video. You can create your written products using Microsoft Word or having it as transcripts of your audio interviews. For audios, you can do interviews with successful people with their own specific niche through Audacity or Skype. As for videos, you can create video tutorials or maybe webinars according to your own specific niche by using Camtasia. I know it might sound easy for you to do all these but eventually, time and energy are still needed. Remind yourself that it is better if you create high quality products than the ones with lots of craps in it. As internet marketers, we have to make our customers happy by purchasing our products so that they would come back to us to check on for updates or new products we have to offer.

Now if you’re already running your internet business by selling physical products, here’s what I have for you. You can actually turn your physical products into digital products by using this simple principle I’ve created-Simple And Creative. Still don’t get what I mean?Let me show you of an example which you can model after. John likes to play basketball. Because of his professionalism in basketball, he thought of starting a business by providing coaching services. He doesn’t want to waste his capital that he have in his pocket by promoting his business offline so he decided to do it online.

He built his website and finished promoting his business. Eventually, many people came for the coachings and his business went well. But as time goes by, he realised that he’s already tired for all these (despite that going back late at night with dried sweat and the daily tiresome that he has to face). Although his business went really well, still, he suffered a lot running his business. He thought of hiring people for the coaching classes but that would cost a lot more dime. Finally, he got an idea. He decided to create video tutorials for his basketball coachings. Packed all the video tutorials with an eBook about ‘Knowing Your Strength From The Inside’ and sold it for 37$ per package. Here’s the very advantage for him as he could use his gained networks from before to promote his stuffs!Guess what?His business skyrocketed to Pluto that he never has to go to the court to coach again!

You can see that less efforts are needed when you sell digital products from the example above. Plus, you can focus to promote your stuffs and handle the selling business at the same time!You don’t even have to be there to run the business. It happens automatically and, digitally. Why sell digital products again?Well you can see the reasons and the benefits just by looking at the example above that I’ve showed you. Just revise back how ‘Simple And Creative’ John is to manipulate his coaching services to digital products and gain total benefits from them. Saves time, saves energy and saves money. Simple And Creative.