How to Get a Digital Product at a Cheap Price

Digital products such as those sold by ClickBank, PayDotCom and a host of other digital product retailers include eBooks, software and other intangible products. Merchants use these companies for payment collection as well as marketing purposes. It is much easier and cheaper to sell a digital product through a site such as Clickbank as opposed to setting up your own payment system.

If you run a business that is “Internet intensive” for marketing or other operations, then at some point you will need to invest in online products to improve your operations and profitability. For example, you may need to invest in traffic generation software or a mobile messaging system.

What you probably do not know is that you do not need to pay the retail price listed on most merchant’s sites for such goods. Unknown to many people, most e-products have more than one listing price. You have probably experienced a situation where you land on a website selling software and when you try to leave the website you are immediately prompted with an offer to buy the product at a cheaper price. This is a clear example of how merchants play around with your psychology in an attempt to make the highest value sale; the same product but different prices depending on how you go about it.

The other way you can get an offer to buy a product at a price that’s less than the retail price published in a merchant’s site is by signing up for a mailing list. After a few weeks it is normal for the vendor to bombard you with emails offering you a lower price so long as you act within a certain period.

All these tactics demonstrate that the price of a digital product is never cast in stone. However, rather than use the methods outline above to buy cheap digital products, there are other ways to buy e-products cheap. One of this is to identify a website that aggregates all the pricing options from vendors. There are businesses out there whose sole purpose is to identify these price variations, list them and allow their customers to take advantage. While this is a very new kind of business, the pioneer companies in this niche are proving to be quite popular with people who buy e-products on a regular basis.

These companies cut out all the fluff and provide you with all the pricing options from vendors. You get the best prices immediately and you have the entire catalog from the vendor to choose from. You will be surprised to find that some products actually have pricing options with up to 90% discount! It is really amazing and there is no reason why anyone should buy a digital product at the retail price listed on a vendor’s site. To see an example of such a site in action, see here.