Working From a Digital Product Creation Blueprint

Like almost everything even vaguely technical, it pays to have a digital product creation blueprint to work from when you decide to make a digital product. This can be as simple as a checklist to make sure that you don’t miss any vital steps when you create your product. Or it can even be closer to a recipe that you follow, much the same as when you’re cooking a dish for the first time.

My preference is to follow a checklist rather than a complete recipe but that’s partly because I’m like that a lot of the time and partly because I’ve made enough digital products to know approximately what I’m doing.

But if you prefer something closer to a digital product creation blueprint then follow these steps.

1. Research the market

Set yourself a time limit to do this as it’s way too easy to spend all your allotted time on research and never get round to creating the product. It’s far better to get a general handle on what needs to be produced and fine tune that in subsequent versions.

2. Create an outline

I like outlines a lot.

They are quick to make – usually only a line or two for each section the product will contain and maybe an extra handful of points to cover for each of those bullets.

They also make it blindingly obvious if something is missing – it tends to leap out from the page or the screen.

3. Start creating!

This is important, especially if your natural inclination is to procrastinate.

We like completeness and order – that’s why untidiness bugs so many people.

Once you start to create a product, part of your mind will go into nag mode to nudge you into continuing the project.

This is not as strong with a digital project and you need to make sure that you have other things in place to keep you on track. But it’s certainly a good start.

Uploading each completed section to your download page helps keep you on track in this respect.

4. Write your sales page

You’re almost certainly going to need a sales letter. Or at the least a product description if you’re uploading your new digital product to a marketplace like Amazon.

The sales letter doesn’t have to be perfect but it does need to exist.

The headline is far and away the most important part. There are online headline generators that you can use as a starter and they may be sufficient for your needs. But if you’re able to craft your own headline, even better.

The rest of the sales copy should persuade people to at least try your product. There are some excellent books such as the Ultimate Sales Letter that will talk you through the process but, again, don’t let that be a reason to procrastinate on the final launch. It’s almost always better to launch first and amend later, especially with digital products as you can offer updates as a free bonus.

5. Put it up for sale

This is the final piece of the product creation jigsaw.

If your product never gets launched, you may as well have not created it in the first place.

So make sure that you take this final step, whether it’s through somewhere like Amazon, a digital product wholesaler like Clickbank, on your own host or wherever.